Peter Bruce

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Peter Bruce is a British artist, currently living in Cambridge.

Peter’s varied work ranges from sensitive studies using traditional media such as pencil to the use of computer generated imagery and photo-manipulation. Sometimes the opportunity arises to mix all these styles. A keen photographer and movie maker, Peter is also a musician and composer. Peter works on commissions and can create unique and lasting images of people, pets, cars and bands.

“I simply try to take the real world, capture it and reflect it in my own style. Presenting to others how I see the world around me.” – Peter Bruce

Peter employs a range of techniques to create his art, and seems never shy from trying new mediums and methods to present his work. This website alone has allowed him to reach a wider audience, and requests for work have already begun to trickle in. Peter is currently undertaking a study of practical effects in cinema, which includes representing famous model makers techniques using his tried and tested artistic abilities, along with experimenting new mediums in the process.

“If a piece of art fails to fly, I rarely throw it away. It may not see the public eye, but every piece I create has value. Every work of art – success or not – is a step along the path I have chosen. If I take a wrong step, I stumble, but I always get moving again.” – Peter Bruce

Some of the work on this website is for sale.

For enquiries and commissions you can contact the artist on +44 (0)7889998924
or by email at

Peter has composed and produced the music for a number of short films for clients across europe. Select productions have been seen featured in international film festivals.

Award winning film maker Jurii Kirnev is a talented cinematographer from europe, whose work displays a high sheen of perfection, whilst maintaining the energy and vigour of his early work. Peter continues to write scores and musical elements, with opportunities to be onboard for his larger scale productions.

Peter is now exploring digital painting techniques, and is already producing impressive work. Without any training, Peter is once again showing natural skill in a new, exciting medium.


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