Digital Graphic Art

Peters latest digital art pieces can be found at his new site

Concept Landscape – Future 2. A first attempt from sketch pad to final product. Taking a quick pen on paper sketch to creating a fully detailed, immersive final digital piece.

James – Character Design 1. An initial black and white photograph was brought to life through a complete digital redraw including additional scarring, and colourisation.

Fighting For Our Future – a mix of original photoshop composition for the background, and hand drawn character design.

Fidget the dog. A 30 minute mix of airbrush and pencil methods, capturing the likeness of a friends family pet. Part of the Family Pet series.

Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain. An iconic game released mid 2015 brought this well known character back to our screens, and this image is redrawn by hand from the poster image used in marketing the game.

Portrait of a Beautiful Girl, Cristina. Taking a series of original photographs taken by me, I picked the best one and redrew it inch by inch to create this soft, warm piece of artwork.